Sunday, May 16, 2010

Challenges for Best Health

For those of you who sometimes visit our site at Best Health very soon you will see a new front page. It will be almost totally taken up with a red and white huge disclaimer - a statement that we have been very bad and misled the Australian public. In fact it will state that we made an advertisement which claimed to use a product for therapeutic use including the diagnosis and treatment of serious conditions.

This has come about as a result of a undisclosed person/s making a complaint about our site where we had the audacity to link to a site in the USA which had a deeply buried page (completely unbeknownst to us) that mentioned the words diabetes and other supposedly incurable diseases. These were in association with the name of the computerised health screening system we have been promoting. This along with mention on our site of the facility of testing for sensitvities, both foods and other substances, was seen as a threat to the health of our nation.

"Nanny laws" strike again. Heaven forbid that we might mislead someone into believing we could possibly help them feel better.

We trust that not all visitors to our site will be completely alarmed and run away.. but in the meantime - for the next four months - this graffiti must remain.

We would like to assure you that we will continue to provide services and assistance with your health and well being that are designed to assist you to maintain your health without the need for pharmaceutical drugs or invasive treatment.

We will continue to make no outrageous claims, but quietly work in ways that enhance the well being of both the individual and our beautiful planet.


Patricia Reed said...

Shazar, your integrity and total committment to your patients will shine through this absolute draconian knee jerk response from the TGA. Four months will fly and life will move on. Any one with half a brain will see this is a complete farce and as you say, 'nanny state' laws attempting to run our entire existence. Go girl!
Much love & respect

Sahaja said...

"Some of the harshest lessons we learn are the ones confronting us because of the betrayal by a person we care about or are vulnerable to. It is a test of our ability to keep the greater vision of the purpose and higher goals of our Soul while facing the events our personality is grappling with. To bring in the Light and allow our Soul to lead the way heals the personality and reasserts our direction, freeing us from the darkness of negativity and hurtful deeds."- Except from Australian Flower Essences -
Shazar I know this of you, that you are always able to focus on the higher purpose and I thank you for showing the way......your sister Sahaja

oz_garfield said...

What a load of rubbish! Some people are just looking out to bring trouble to honest people who do nobody any harm.

I have the greatest respect for Shazar and the work she does in helping people.


Robert Gammal said...

I have used equipment similar to the Avitar for many years. It WORKS! The heavy handed tactics to protect drug company medicine is disgusting. This is the same organization which claims that the mercury released from dental amalgam is safe. Sorry to hear that your name has been attacked but the people who you have worked with know the truth and respect your integrity.

Mike said...

The person who made the complaint is obviously ignorant to teh absolutely cutting edge ways in which you work with clients. I truly hope people can see past what is the issue here as you do fabulous work.