Monday, May 31, 2010

System Failure

Seth talks about this.. in the above post - how information is doubling rapidly - how overload is occurring. And all of this is added to by the bureaucratic nightmares that we live with daily. Sometimes I think.. roll on the predictions of a major shift in 2012 because do we ever need it. The systems are failing - they no longer support us but have become so top heavy and so embroiled in regulations and 'nanny' laws that we can no longer function with any clear intent.

And yes this is going to be a rant so if you are not ready for it.. you may as well stop reading here.

After our months of pandering to the powers that be - in the form of the Therapeutic Goods Administration (for you in the USA - our FDA) making sure that our website was stripped of any reference to any possibility that we could help anyone in their health challenges in any way. Ensuring in this way that we did not offend the straight laced narrow minded bigots that think that science and chemistry and genetics are the only things that have any relevance on this planet. Today we were attacked yet again.

We received another charming email.. stating that a complaint had been made against us.. from yet another department with more powers than they should ever have been given.
The complainant of course.. yet again .. did not have to reveal who they were. However we .. the attacked party were requested to answer to the attack.

But wait a minute.. this complaint was made about an advertisement that was published over 6 months ago.. and not only that.. also directed at a website that is
1. hosted overseas and
2. not a .au site, and
3. is simply addressed at selling to South East Asian countries and has a clear indication that the Avatar instrument which it is about.. is not for sale in Australia.

What a waste of everyone's time.

If by any chance that complainant is still digging and finds this post.. as he/she may well do as they seem to have no time to have any sort of life.. then may I simply request you to lay off.. stop hassling us, leave us to get on with our lives and our business which never killed a patient yet.. but in fact helps many.

And this beautiful planet which is run on energy, which only functions as a result of the energy of light, which is entangled in the mystery of itself far beyond this pettiness, beyond this superficial time wasting garbage.. will go forward past this superficial 'system failure' - the light will prevail.

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