Friday, September 18, 2009

Say No to Mandatory Vaccinations

Let us not follow in the footsteps of the draconian laws being passed in the USA to enforce us and our children to be vaccinated. This is a fundamental right to our health freedom and we need to make a stand on this. Action today can help us to maintain our freedom of choice.

There are too many unknown factors involved in these rushed through 'solutions' to what is very likely to be a manufactured 'pandemic'. We must keep ourselves educated about our rights and maintain our ability to say No when we wish.

Please support the Australian Vaccination Network and check out their work. They have been tireless in their continual search for clear and unbiased information about the effects of vaccines and have not had an easy time of their efforts to keep the information available to us all.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Great message from Seth Godin

When we teach people about our story or our industry or about making connections, the teaching lasts.

I appreciate this point of view so much.. sharing what we know - communicating what is important to us - giving freely of what has meant much in our own lives - revealing the personal.
I was with a friend recently - and I suggested to him that great teachers most often talk about their real life personal selves - and that perhaps what he could give best and to most effect was of the personal - he said - "won't people find that boring?"

I don't think so .. the real boring is the pedantic mode of "this is right and we have to change this .. or change that.. for anything to be okay."

Keep it personal.. keep it what you really understand from the inside of you - and you will always have an audience - for what you are sharing is real and if it is of the heart then even better.

To teach is not to "hold forth" - but to share - in fact to be that which you wish to teach.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Dark or the Light?

I have had an interesting day. This morning I read a long discourse by David Icke on vaccinations .. swine flu and so on. He made some very good points.. and it really took me in..
and I posted it on my FaceBook.. because I thought it worthy to bring the attention of others to this information that could shift the course of humanity.

And tonight I took it down.. I deleted the post - because I saw yet again that the fight and even the thought of the protest is a focus in a false direction. That the focus has to be steadfastly on the light..

Once again as in any 'dis-ease' when we put our attention on the chaos and the disorder.. that can only increase. This is such a fine line to walk.. such a delicate and subtle balance to be played.

My mind questions it.. and says, in that incessant small voice.. "Does this, can this really be the way? To simply put the attention on what we wish to create.. to put the attention on a planet of harmony - a place of birds and song and connection. a place of light. To dream the dream.

And then I wonder .. what about Krishna who fought the good fight?
And Arjuna, and Christ with the money changers in the temple.. and .. and.. and....

The mind continues to create its own story to keep me out of my flow..

Accept the mind.. and the mind becomes tamed..
and able to be employed in a useful manner.

It's all a trick.. it is all Maya - the illusion.
Connection - coherence - communication.
Only this will bring us back to ourselves.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Obstacles are Re-Routing You

I get a regular snippet from Neale Donald Walsch and one of his recent posts talked about how obstacles that we come across are not opposing us, but merely re-routing us. He said 'gently re-routing' - well sometimes they are not so gentle! but as he went on to say:

It is important not to view that which stands in your way as your 'enemy.' It can often be your best friend, sending you on a detour that takes you around what could have been your biggest stumbling block.

This is so true and we are well advised to consider this whenever those roadblocks appear.
There is a wonderful story that many of you may know about the farmer who had a son and lived in a poor area - one day a horse jumped over the fence and was in their field. The son was very happy and excited as this made them rich..(good luck) the father said.. let us see. The son rode the horse - but was thrown off and broke his leg, (bad luck) the army came and took all the young men from the village - but left him behind because of the break (good luck) - the horse escaped - (bad luck) - it came back with more horses - (good luck.)

And Neale Donald Walsch continued:

Send a word of gratitude, then, for anything that seems to be 'opposing' you now. All things in life happen for good. Trust God about that.

Next time something happens to you that seems to be blocking you, getting in your way or simply 'bad luck' take a second look - let a little time pass and then consider it in the light of the above. You will very often be surprised!

Monday, September 07, 2009

Frogs Chorus Tonight....

Am I ever lucky! I am still at Rocky Hall.. and tonight after a day of mist and rain we are almost deafened by the frog chorus outside. They are chortling - and the fire is creaking in the grate.

Being here has allowed me to see ever more clearly that at this time in our evolution and our process, it is so clearly required to be focused on the harmonious. It is essential to keep our view and our intention on the light.

According to all the predictions - which are now becoming heard even mainstream - time as we know it is coming to a close soon. We are nearing the end of two huge cycles in our earth's existence.. the yuga's of the Indian continent - the Mayan predictions, the words of Nostradamus.. all are pointing toward a big change.

But do not forget we are living on a planet of choice.

It is time to really dream our own dream.. to create by dreaming - to envisage our own lives .. in the way in which we would like to live - to keep our one pointedness on this vision in order to bring it into being,

we are not going to become healthy by focusing on disease.
we cannot create peace by focusing on war.
we cannot have harmonious relationships while harbouring grudges.
our children cannot grow into wise future leaders while being jammed into a mold.
we cannot love our neighbour while we stay rooted in fear of the different.
we cannot nurture our souls while staying in our heads.

I could go on.. but I am sure you really get the picture!

What is it you and I would like to create together for the time of the change? It can only be rooted in the heart.
As Leonard Cohen once said
"Love is the only engine of survival."

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Time Out

Everyone needs time out.. problem is sometimes we get so involved in our 'stuff' and the things we consider to be 'really important' that we forget to simply take the time to sit and wonder.
It is just as important if not more than all the focused planning and goal setting we may do. Because in the space - in the gap - in the moment in between is where the 'new' or the inspiration is able to slip in. When our minds and hearts are so busy with our day to day doings and rushings, and concern with the passing of precious time - we forget to allow that stillness to penetrate and renew us.

Its easy for me to do these musings today - I am sitting at a place called Rocky Hall, surrounded by the bush - immersed in the silence that is filled with birdsong and the rustling of the trees heralding the coming of the breeze from across the valley.
It reminded me to remind you to take time out. It is essential to the soul.