Sunday, September 06, 2009

Time Out

Everyone needs time out.. problem is sometimes we get so involved in our 'stuff' and the things we consider to be 'really important' that we forget to simply take the time to sit and wonder.
It is just as important if not more than all the focused planning and goal setting we may do. Because in the space - in the gap - in the moment in between is where the 'new' or the inspiration is able to slip in. When our minds and hearts are so busy with our day to day doings and rushings, and concern with the passing of precious time - we forget to allow that stillness to penetrate and renew us.

Its easy for me to do these musings today - I am sitting at a place called Rocky Hall, surrounded by the bush - immersed in the silence that is filled with birdsong and the rustling of the trees heralding the coming of the breeze from across the valley.
It reminded me to remind you to take time out. It is essential to the soul.

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