Monday, September 14, 2009

Great message from Seth Godin

When we teach people about our story or our industry or about making connections, the teaching lasts.

I appreciate this point of view so much.. sharing what we know - communicating what is important to us - giving freely of what has meant much in our own lives - revealing the personal.
I was with a friend recently - and I suggested to him that great teachers most often talk about their real life personal selves - and that perhaps what he could give best and to most effect was of the personal - he said - "won't people find that boring?"

I don't think so .. the real boring is the pedantic mode of "this is right and we have to change this .. or change that.. for anything to be okay."

Keep it personal.. keep it what you really understand from the inside of you - and you will always have an audience - for what you are sharing is real and if it is of the heart then even better.

To teach is not to "hold forth" - but to share - in fact to be that which you wish to teach.

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