Sunday, June 08, 2008

Plastic Bags Banned!

This could be the headline.. and let us rejoice that it is on the way!

some stats from the article in the SMH

- The energy consumed in the life cycle of a plastic bag is estimated to be equivalent to 13.8 millilitres of crude oil, or about a teaspoonful.

- Between 3.9 billion and 4.5 billion plastic bags were thought to have been used in Australia in 2005.

- 34 per cent fewer bags were used in 2005 than in 2002.

- Most lightweight plastic bags used in Australia are made overseas.

Interestingly 60% voted for banning in the poll that the SMH put on their site. So lets keep going for it! That sea of plastic is not getting any smaller.

The Video on the Synthetic Sea from research done by the Algalita Organisation is more than eye opening.

It certainly helps to make you remember to take your shopping basket next time you go to the supermarket!

Sound Creates Form

David Icke is known to me for his huge theories on global conspiracies.... but here he links into the energies of the universe. This interesting UTube is showing how crystals.. (this time of sugar,) respond to sound by creating amazing patterns.

I am always fascinated by the effect of resonance of all types .. sound, colour, the patterns taken up in water see Hado and Dr Emoto's work as well as the underlying theories of homeopathy and why the resonance of certain things create change in the body when supplied via resonance.

These patterns shown by Icke have a sense of crop circles around them - perhaps this is how those incredible and mysterious patterns are made.

We are only just at the edge of beginning to understand the effects of resonance on our body, mind and spirits. The Universe is beginning to unfold this mystery in visual form - until now only understood by the mystics and sages throughout time.

Shazar Robinson