Friday, March 24, 2006

Tamiflu not the answer!

In a paper published online by the British journal The Lancet, the experts say they see no evidence that the top-selling drug worked against H5N1 avian influenza and fear the treatment could be of limited use if the H5N1 virus ever mutates into a feared pandemic form.
So what to do - first I'd say don't get sucked in by the fear mongers - and second - take responsibility for your own health. It is the only way to go.
Build your own immunity - and how to do that?
  1. Detoxify your digestion and your liver and gallbladder. If you need advice with this Best Health can assist you.
  2. Stop eating sugar. 1 tsp of sugar significantly reduces your immunity for up to 6 hours.
  3. Include lots of green leafy vegetables in your diet and eat garlic every day.
  4. Drink plenty of pure, flitered water every day - tap water is NOT clean! For the best filter on the market check out the Wellness Filters - they are excellent.
  5. Make sure you do exercise on a daily basis. 45 minutes - brisk walking - get your heart rate up, helps reduce colds and flu and can cut your length of illness in half.
  6. Take good quality supplements - also available through Best Health.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Finally the research supports the view of many natural therapists

Breaking news last night - According to research carried out at the University of British Columbia.
Antibiotic use in infants may double the risk of developing asthma.
They also said:
"In children, antibiotics are commonly used to treat ear infections, upper respiratory tract infections, and bronchitis, but not every childhood infection requires an antibiotic," said the study's co-author Fawziah Marra, MD, University of British Columbia. "Current guidelines recommend that children under age 2 receive an antibiotic for diagnosed ear infection. However, the majority of upper respiratory tract infections and bronchitis is viral for which antibiotics are ineffective."
So parents, keep your babies away from antibiotics and use more natural methods to clear these problems. We have found that recurrent ear infections and upper respoiratory tract problems are very often related to food allergens - especially cow's milk. It is certainly worth a try to eliminate milk for a while and see if it helps. For more info on this read the The Milk Letter

Bankrupting a Nation

Two emails I got this morning had some interesting info in them -
The first stated that
This weekend marked the third anniversary of the war in Iraq. Against whom the war is being fought, or why, has yet to be clarified, but the cost has risen to nearly $10 billion per month from the Daily Reckoning Newsletter

and the second from the newsletter of Alternative Medicine stated
We are facing an epidemic of obesity and related diseases that if not solved, will bankrupt our society.

65% of Americans are overweight, up 18% since 1994...

30% of us are obese, up from 36% since 1994...

Over 40% of us have high cholesterol...

50% of Americans over 65 have high blood pressure, and
28.7% overall, a 3.7% increase from 1991.

Nearly 70% of people are unaware they have high blood

5.1% of us have type-2 diabetes, up 104% from 1980 to

Over 100,000,000 Americans have metabolic syndrome, which
is one step away from having type-2 diabetes...

92% of Americans are deficient in one or more essential
vitamins and minerals...

Well which one is coming first I ask!!!

Looks like we are on the brink of disaster.. to sink by war debt or health debt!
and yes sure I am am in Oz but what happens in the US seems to have a very good backwash onto us over here.

Simple solution might be..
get out of Iraq and out of the fast food shops!
Exercise more and meditate for peace.