Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Finally the research supports the view of many natural therapists

Breaking news last night - According to research carried out at the University of British Columbia.
Antibiotic use in infants may double the risk of developing asthma.
They also said:
"In children, antibiotics are commonly used to treat ear infections, upper respiratory tract infections, and bronchitis, but not every childhood infection requires an antibiotic," said the study's co-author Fawziah Marra, MD, University of British Columbia. "Current guidelines recommend that children under age 2 receive an antibiotic for diagnosed ear infection. However, the majority of upper respiratory tract infections and bronchitis is viral for which antibiotics are ineffective."
So parents, keep your babies away from antibiotics and use more natural methods to clear these problems. We have found that recurrent ear infections and upper respoiratory tract problems are very often related to food allergens - especially cow's milk. It is certainly worth a try to eliminate milk for a while and see if it helps. For more info on this read the The Milk Letter

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