Wednesday, July 26, 2006

GM Icecream.. what next - to hit Oz shops!

Watch out for Unilever's latest brain wave.. GM icecream - they make Walls, Magnumn and Carte D'Or.

They are adding a GM protein to the icecream - which they SAY is unchanged from the original found in a deep sea it tastes better and they can make more interested shapes!! Check out the whole article.

It states:

It (Unilever) has also had the go-ahead in Australia and New Zealand despite objections by the health departments of the states of Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales and the New Zealand Food Safety Authority.

Great news for our kids - lets just experiment on them that little bit more with something that is so new we have no idea what it may do to us in the long run.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

More Data on HRT and Breast Cancer

Published in July issue of Archives of Internal Medicine -data on 121,700 women - part of the Nurses Health Study, looked at the long-term effects of estrogen-plus- testosterone therapy. (Full report of this story here.)

During 24 years of follow-up for the study, there were 4,610 cases of breast cancer. The 29 women who were taking estrogen plus testosterone had a 77 percent higher risk of developing breast cancer than those who never used hormone therapy, the researchers reported.

The risk associated with this combination therapy was higher than the risk associated with estrogen therapy (15 percent) and of estrogen-plus-progestin therapy (58 percent), Tamimi said.

They also said studies on alternative or complementary therapies demonstrated these were not helpful - but an interesting fact showed up - a placebo effect showed a 50% reduction in menopausal symptoms in 12 weeks!

So bring on the placebo I say!! and let's look at where the real healing and balancing effect comes from in so many of our 'therapies'? Its not the drug - or the herb - or the pill.. healing comes from within.

I believe that we make up our minds to be well - and whether we are assisted with that from another, or even believe that we are healed by another - ultimately the healing comes from within.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Healing - the microcosm to heal the macrocosm.

Healing - what a huge topic - and what a fascinating one..what does it mean to me? It means anything from helping a person get over their stress or body illness, to healing the damage done by the distorted thinking that says throwing bombs at someone who throws rockets at you is any form of solution!

Bombing Beirut - how unthinkable is that? When will we get a sense of the futility of this type of action? When will we understand clearly enough that violence is never a solution. That the solution can only be found outside of the problem - that the solution needs to go to the very root of the problem to find the cause to find the deep poison that is seeping up and polluting our whole planet.

Right now I want to cry - the pain of it is so deep.. if you read this - reach out and hold the person's hand who is closest to you - connect - because connect we must with ourselves and our neighbour - it too late to solve the problems by throwing our anger and rage at each other.

Please wake up - please hold the hand of the person close to you - and through that we may reach out to those on the other side of the planet - or across the border who may look different to us, who may worship in a different way, who may think differently, but who all bleed when hurt - who all have the capacity to love and to cry and are human beings and another part of me and you.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Kinesiology - what is?

This is something we do every day - talk to our client's body/beingness.. by muscle monitoring. Sounds a little weird and very difficult to explain in a quick blog, but it is well worth your while to try it out sometime. It is a way of asking the person's (who is being tested) questions - and getting answers by a 'change of indicator muscle' - something that stresses a person will make their muscle test weak. Simply put, if something is good for the body it will strengthen you - if it disturbs you, it will weaken you. Literally.

So what does a kinesiology session entail - usually in our clinic we help our client set a goal, and then work with all of the reasons why that person doesn't already have that goal. The aim of the work is to bring the client into a state where they are in alignment with their goals - where their whole being is supporting the direction they are wanting to move in. So simply - if you have a bad back, your goal may be to have a strong back, if you are overweight - your goal may be to be slim and fit - if you are stressed and unhappy, your goal may be to be happy and balanced.

Kinesiology can set you on the road to being able to achieve these goals.
It's a great way to do it.

to find out more on this subject you can go and check out more info at our site.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Beware plant sterols in margarine!

The Better Health Channel (a questionable title!) states that plant sterols added to our margarine make it a healthier choice than butter. These sterols can reduce your cholesterol.

Mmmm.. so where do they come from?

These phyto-sterols include beta-sitosterol, campesterol and stigmasterol, all estrogen-like compounds derived mostly from wood-pulp effluent. They are hormone-like compounds from plants, and they are present in large numbers in the effluent from the wood pulp business. Canadian, UK and Scandinavian scientists have shown that water contaminated with phytosterols causes endocrine damage to fish downstream from wood-pulp plants. The fish become "sex-inverted" and hermaphroditic; fertility is also reduced. For more on this go to this site at Weston Price

It is worth your while to read that full article.. for a look behind the scenes at this addition to our 'foods' - so what is the message here? Eat the original - don't get caught up in the hype about cholesterol - good quality natural foods are worth way more than anything that has been manipulated to appear healthier than the original!

Friday, July 07, 2006

You can't eat numbers! Additive Alert - Tim Tams!

Did you know that Australia's favourite biscuit - Tim Tams - have two food colourings in them to make them that delicious brown colour.

They are:
110 - sunset yellowwhich is a susected carcinogen, causes allergies, hyperactivity, ashmatics should avoid, and is banned in USA and Norway and used to be banned here in Oz.
And 129 - Allura Red AC - also suspected carcinogen, skin rashes and hypersensitivity. Banned in Denmark, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Norway.

So now you know why your kids go up the wall after a couple of Tim Tams.
We always say.. you can't eat numbers.. if there are numbers on the packet put it back on the shelf!

For a great read on this topic check out the book Additive Alert by Julie Eady

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Cold and Flu Season - take your Vitamin C & Zinc!

There have been a large number of randomised controlled intervention trials with intakes of up to 1 g Vit C and 30 mg zinc. These trials indicate that C and zinc lesson symptoms and shorten the length of respiratory tract infections including the common cold.
Also they lessen the incidence and improve the outcome of pneumonia, malaria and diarrhoea infections especially in children in developing countries.

So folks if you want to stay healthy this winter (southern hemisphere of course!) take that Vitamin C and zinc.

Linus Pauling was not wrong.
For the past dozen years Pauling's crusade for a better understanding of nutrition and the enhancement of health has embroiled him in controversy with organized medicine and associated rear-guard nutritionists whom he contemptuously dismisses, without a trace of irony, as "old guys." The ire of the medical establishment has been focused on Pauling's suggestion that vitamin therapy, particularly the use of vitamin C, will help prevent colds, assist in the treatment of such diseases as cancer and help people to live longer and better.
from Boston Globe

We have also been experimenting with the Lectroject and so far "touch wood" each time I have started to get a cold/flu I zapped myself with that system and the sniffles and sore throat went away! I had trouble believing it myself - but it certainly seems to work. Have a look at their info here.

And if you would like to try this out - experimentally of course with no claims made, come along to Best Health for a trial. (Perth West Australia only) and also if you need good quality supplements - Vitamin C and zinc and other anti-bug immune boosters - we have some great stuff available.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Store Wars - check out this video to help educate your kids

A friend send me this link today..

A funny spoof on StarWars that will get your kids educated about organics at the same time as having a laugh.