Monday, July 17, 2006

Kinesiology - what is?

This is something we do every day - talk to our client's body/beingness.. by muscle monitoring. Sounds a little weird and very difficult to explain in a quick blog, but it is well worth your while to try it out sometime. It is a way of asking the person's (who is being tested) questions - and getting answers by a 'change of indicator muscle' - something that stresses a person will make their muscle test weak. Simply put, if something is good for the body it will strengthen you - if it disturbs you, it will weaken you. Literally.

So what does a kinesiology session entail - usually in our clinic we help our client set a goal, and then work with all of the reasons why that person doesn't already have that goal. The aim of the work is to bring the client into a state where they are in alignment with their goals - where their whole being is supporting the direction they are wanting to move in. So simply - if you have a bad back, your goal may be to have a strong back, if you are overweight - your goal may be to be slim and fit - if you are stressed and unhappy, your goal may be to be happy and balanced.

Kinesiology can set you on the road to being able to achieve these goals.
It's a great way to do it.

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