Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Cold and Flu Season - take your Vitamin C & Zinc!

There have been a large number of randomised controlled intervention trials with intakes of up to 1 g Vit C and 30 mg zinc. These trials indicate that C and zinc lesson symptoms and shorten the length of respiratory tract infections including the common cold.
Also they lessen the incidence and improve the outcome of pneumonia, malaria and diarrhoea infections especially in children in developing countries.

So folks if you want to stay healthy this winter (southern hemisphere of course!) take that Vitamin C and zinc.

Linus Pauling was not wrong.
For the past dozen years Pauling's crusade for a better understanding of nutrition and the enhancement of health has embroiled him in controversy with organized medicine and associated rear-guard nutritionists whom he contemptuously dismisses, without a trace of irony, as "old guys." The ire of the medical establishment has been focused on Pauling's suggestion that vitamin therapy, particularly the use of vitamin C, will help prevent colds, assist in the treatment of such diseases as cancer and help people to live longer and better.
from Boston Globe

We have also been experimenting with the Lectroject and so far "touch wood" each time I have started to get a cold/flu I zapped myself with that system and the sniffles and sore throat went away! I had trouble believing it myself - but it certainly seems to work. Have a look at their info here.

And if you would like to try this out - experimentally of course with no claims made, come along to Best Health for a trial. (Perth West Australia only) and also if you need good quality supplements - Vitamin C and zinc and other anti-bug immune boosters - we have some great stuff available.

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