Monday, December 14, 2009

"World-Healers" an excerpt from What Matters Now

This excerpt from What Matters Now - really touched me - and I didn't want you to miss it so here it is. Thank you Seth Godin for making this possible.

All traditional cultures recognize certain people as
natural-born mystical healers (shamans, medicine
men, pick your label). Modern Western culture
has no category for such people. But that doesn’t
mean they aren’t here. Right now, everywhere,
ordinary people born to the archetype of the
shaman are feeling compelled to begin finding one
another and fulfilling their inborn purpose.

The great challenge of the 21st century is to wage
peace on a globe full of humans while repairing the
unintended damage we’ve inflicted on ourselves,
other beings, and the earth. We need modern
shamans to channel ancient “technologies of
magic” like empathy, creativity, art, and spiritual
interconnection, through “magical technologies”
like medicine, computers, and satellites.

That marriage of ancient and cutting-edge genius can
heal hearts, minds, beasts, plants, ecosystems—
almost anything.
If you feel something stirring in your heart at the
thought that you may be shaman-born, pay

This is not an accident. Some as-yet
unexplained force is calling you join in a healing of
unprecedented scope. And though that healing
will, of course, follow the laws of science, doing it
will feel like pure magic.

Martha Beck, Ph.D., is a coach, writer, and columnist for O, the
Oprah Magazine.

What Matters Now

These days it becomes so important to really connect - to be real - to say what you mean - to mean what you say - there is no point any more in beating around the bush, there is not time any more to hold grudges, to bother about regrets, and past events. They are simply the ghost in the machine - the unreal. Ghosts are not real - they only start to appear so if we give them a lot of energy.

Its time to recognise them for what they are - simply ghosts and as such they can be blown away in a small puff of wind. Don't let them become real by giving them any energy. When the guilt or the fear or the regret or the anger or the dislike of self arises - recognise it - "You are just a ghost - begone!"

For some great reading and inspiration and a small handbook about what really matters now.. check out the link above.