Friday, September 28, 2007

Soul Mentoring

An old friend of mine - Alicia Power - is running a webcast on October 3rd - if you are interested in deeper reasons for the 'why's and how's' of your life, you may like to check this out. She says:

Have you ever wondered if there is a SOUL REASON why you get sick
– or why someone you know becomes ill?

Do you want to learn more about the magical way your soul steers your life?
And – do we have a say?

Australian Time 8pm (NSW) 3 October


How Our Soul Regulates Our Physical Body

You will learn the details of:
How our soul monitors and mentors our lives
How our soul designs physical challenges, ie: ill health & accidents
How our body talks to us on behalf of the soul
How to know our soul's intention and decisions
How to instruct results and change the soul's 'heart'.

You can get all the details of this interesting information on Alicia's website at the link above.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New Research into Aging

Our wonderful Australian scientists have made an amazing discovery! Wait for it....
hold your breath now.. they are telling us we can be fighting fit until our 80's. And you know how?
By eating our fruits and vegetables!
They say .. they have discovered that diet is crucial.. and that eating fruits and vegies can help prolong our lives.

In fact this is such a ground breaking discovery that they are actually presenting this research at a scientific conference in Sydney today.

Oh sorry folks.. did you read what I just wrote with the necessary sarcastic tone of voice? I sure hope so because when we heard this incredible news on the ABC this morning we both nearly fell over laughing.

How can they possibly think that they have just made this discovery? What about pioneers such as Dr Bernard Jensen, and so many wonderful people who have been telling us for years and years that eating fruits and vegies will make you healthy.. and make you live longer.

Who on earth has been paying for this new research!!
When ever will they wake up and see what has been under the nose for just so long!

Weight Loss Competition

If you are in Australia and fancy losing some weight for the summer and also get the chance to win a great prize - a fabulous travel prize - you can join up with the Pharmafoods Spring Original Iso-Whey Weight Loss Competition - you are going to need some help from a practitioner who uses their products, but hey..everyone needs some help when it comes to dropping those unwanted kilos - and the help you will get is quality. Great diet drink - good diet diaries and the possibility of flying away on that trip you win at the end of two months.

To sign up contact us at Best Health - so we can put you in touch with a practitioner in your area.

Do it today - you have nothing to lose except that baggage you didn't want anyway! and we are sure that you know that carrying extra weight has some very strong health problems associated with it.. including heart disease, hypertension and diabetes.

We would be very happy to assist you on your journey to better health.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Antarctica in the Summer

I am fortunate enough to be on the verge of a expedition to Antarctica. This has been a dream of mine for many years.
Some years ago I attended a slide evening in Brisbane - with the Aurora Expeditions company.. and was totally entranced with vision of going with them to the Antarctic Peninsular.
Now I booked.. the New Year Trip for 12 days.. and it is only 3 months away and all these considerations come to mind - suddenly I am not fit enough, have not learned enough about taking photos - all those things I thought I should get together before I went!!! .. but there it is .. and I am totally excited just the same.

The sense of being in a type of desert place .. a place where there is space and expansion and the stretching of all your senses into the distance - unhindered by all the machine noise that is usual in the city..that's the main reason I signed up for kayaking option.. I imagined that away from the ship engine and the zodiac motor - just gliding in a kayak amongst the ice scenery - the whales, and the teeming life there of summer..and that space away from noise disharmony - I thought this would be great.
Cold.. hmmm... oh well.. lots of thermals are called for.
For the trip down, I have booked a place to stay in Bueones Aires - fortunately recommended by an old friend..

My niece Bindi says.. "it is the music in BA.. that food, the shopping, the architecture and also it is in your face in other ways.. "
5 or 6 days there...then off south to the expanse. I will tell you more as I go along..and have found on the net a well reviewed sort of homestay in Ushuaia.. for two nights.. I am looking forward to that very much

okay.. it is time to get that kayak out on the river and start paddling like mad.. they are said to kayak up to 120-140 kms each trip!

And here I would like to thank those who are assisting me to manifest this dream..
1. Sahaja
2. Heather
3. Olive,
4. Harley
5. Jude
6. Aunty Marion
7. Ken
and those who are now too many to name..
For without them and without our many valuable clients - who have often become friends, I would not be going on this almost unbelievable journey I thank you.
How you have all helped me so much.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Is the World a Friendly Place?

My sister Sahaja shared some of a course she is doing with me. It is simply called The Course - Field Training.
I know Sahaja has found this to be a very valuable experience and I am very grateful that she has shared some of it with me.

Last night I read a short line - that said "Friendliness toward self is an essential spiritual quality" - Einstein said "The most important question we can ask is: "Is the Universe and friendly place?"

Field training suggests that a more important question may be: "Are you a friendly place?"

This is profound information.
If the universe is a friendly place, that is how you experience it and that is how you pull that friendliness toward you.. if we begin to understand that what is out there is in here, then we can better understand Einstein's statement.

I know there have been discussions in other places about this same topic, and there has been much wrangling over it - but I would suggest for a moment that we can consider it this way: it is really quite simple - if you get out of bed in the morning and look out the window and see that the day is beautiful, it sets the stage for your experience.
If you get up and immediately grump about the house, then you will not experience the world as a friendly place! And when you really consider the implications of that - the very first part when I am grumpy, is "I am not a friendly place!"

Too simplistic? Fight begets fight, resistance creates resistance.

Just try this: next time you get into an argument or disagreement with someone you love, attempt to begin agreeing with them. See what happens - just do it for an experiment. What matters? Being right, or having a close relationship?