Friday, September 28, 2007

Soul Mentoring

An old friend of mine - Alicia Power - is running a webcast on October 3rd - if you are interested in deeper reasons for the 'why's and how's' of your life, you may like to check this out. She says:

Have you ever wondered if there is a SOUL REASON why you get sick
– or why someone you know becomes ill?

Do you want to learn more about the magical way your soul steers your life?
And – do we have a say?

Australian Time 8pm (NSW) 3 October


How Our Soul Regulates Our Physical Body

You will learn the details of:
How our soul monitors and mentors our lives
How our soul designs physical challenges, ie: ill health & accidents
How our body talks to us on behalf of the soul
How to know our soul's intention and decisions
How to instruct results and change the soul's 'heart'.

You can get all the details of this interesting information on Alicia's website at the link above.

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