Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Is the World a Friendly Place?

My sister Sahaja shared some of a course she is doing with me. It is simply called The Course - Field Training.
I know Sahaja has found this to be a very valuable experience and I am very grateful that she has shared some of it with me.

Last night I read a short line - that said "Friendliness toward self is an essential spiritual quality" - Einstein said "The most important question we can ask is: "Is the Universe and friendly place?"

Field training suggests that a more important question may be: "Are you a friendly place?"

This is profound information.
If the universe is a friendly place, that is how you experience it and that is how you pull that friendliness toward you.. if we begin to understand that what is out there is in here, then we can better understand Einstein's statement.

I know there have been discussions in other places about this same topic, and there has been much wrangling over it - but I would suggest for a moment that we can consider it this way: it is really quite simple - if you get out of bed in the morning and look out the window and see that the day is beautiful, it sets the stage for your experience.
If you get up and immediately grump about the house, then you will not experience the world as a friendly place! And when you really consider the implications of that - the very first part when I am grumpy, is "I am not a friendly place!"

Too simplistic? Fight begets fight, resistance creates resistance.

Just try this: next time you get into an argument or disagreement with someone you love, attempt to begin agreeing with them. See what happens - just do it for an experiment. What matters? Being right, or having a close relationship?

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