Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New Research into Aging

Our wonderful Australian scientists have made an amazing discovery! Wait for it....
hold your breath now.. they are telling us we can be fighting fit until our 80's. And you know how?
By eating our fruits and vegetables!
They say .. they have discovered that diet is crucial.. and that eating fruits and vegies can help prolong our lives.

In fact this is such a ground breaking discovery that they are actually presenting this research at a scientific conference in Sydney today.

Oh sorry folks.. did you read what I just wrote with the necessary sarcastic tone of voice? I sure hope so because when we heard this incredible news on the ABC this morning we both nearly fell over laughing.

How can they possibly think that they have just made this discovery? What about pioneers such as Dr Bernard Jensen, and so many wonderful people who have been telling us for years and years that eating fruits and vegies will make you healthy.. and make you live longer.

Who on earth has been paying for this new research!!
When ever will they wake up and see what has been under the nose for just so long!

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