Friday, July 31, 2009

The End of Time

Linear time is over.. there is no more linear time.

The only time is in fact - Now - what the prophets have been citing for years.. has come to pass. There is no time.

Even the kids today tell you time is going really fast.. well guess what .. it just went so fast that it stopped having any meaning in our lives.
It is now .. it is now, it is now...
there is nothing else and until we simply accept this fact we may have the choice of continuing to race against an ever tightening clock.. with ever more to do - or let go.

Relaxing into the state of time end.. creates a freedom that liberates us from constant stress. - yes sure you have lots to do- .. but time is elastic now.. and you can just focus on what is under your nose and get that done and then by relaxing further into the broadest vision you can muster, you will simply see the whole and then the next thing under your nose will slot right in to your life.

The Difference

I was fortunate to be invited to a really interesting and heartfelt presentation today.
There were four meetings held over two days here in Perth; approx 2 hours of interactive and interesting review of the possibilites and opportunites provided by co-creating in a group of like minded people intent on discovering the value of working together on a collaborative film called "The Difference."
The brain child of an inspiration given to Jacqueline (probably by herself of course. being the more evolved facet of Jacqueline's being.. ) The Difference promises to do just that. Create a difference.

J's concepts and vision is structured in a format that has strong alignment with the format of XL Results Foundation.

She talked of "Sieve Shakers" those that could filter through the inspired contributions of the people working on this project. Those sieve shakers would glean the most inspriational ideas, saying or evolvements .. and would hand them up to the core making the movie. The other group she spoke of were the writers.. those who created the words to go with it all. There would be a similar shaking to bring a tincture of the essential value and a means to cause difference here on our earth.

Jacqueline told a very heartful story -
she told us of one who wrote her an email asking "how is it possible that you, who have no experience are planning to make a film, I have 30 years experience in the industry." ... and she continued .. "it was unreasonable to think of doing that..

unreasonable..?? of course because it was of the heart..
the heart is never reasonable.
Think of the heart of the Sufi.. the Whirling Dervishes - mad with the unreasonableness of the heart.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Ultimate Aim of A Charity

"Is continuous growth the hallmark of a successful charity? No, it’s just the opposite – the ultimate aim of a charity is to be extinct."

Paul Dunn has brought this to our attention.. a quote from Doing Good Well: What Does (and Does Not) Make Sense in the Nonprofit World by Willie Cheng

What an obviously beautiful statement. Of course charity should not eventuate in big business.. although big business must be involved in charity otherwise where is its heart?
But for a charity to have any other aim but to be put 'out of business' is a completely erroneous goal.
Let us all steer for charity to become a thing of the past and world wide wealth a reality.