Friday, July 31, 2009

The End of Time

Linear time is over.. there is no more linear time.

The only time is in fact - Now - what the prophets have been citing for years.. has come to pass. There is no time.

Even the kids today tell you time is going really fast.. well guess what .. it just went so fast that it stopped having any meaning in our lives.
It is now .. it is now, it is now...
there is nothing else and until we simply accept this fact we may have the choice of continuing to race against an ever tightening clock.. with ever more to do - or let go.

Relaxing into the state of time end.. creates a freedom that liberates us from constant stress. - yes sure you have lots to do- .. but time is elastic now.. and you can just focus on what is under your nose and get that done and then by relaxing further into the broadest vision you can muster, you will simply see the whole and then the next thing under your nose will slot right in to your life.

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