Monday, December 24, 2007

Buenos Aires

The first leg of the journey - big bustling noisy city.. my facts guide book says it is the third noisiest city in the world!! well don´t quite know how they work that out but it sure is noisy. And incredibly diverse - from high class shops to slums - villa miseria they are called. (it seems they even run tourist bus trips to see them!!!) that´s pretty weird.

On another subject entirely..Food is great - the best sirloin steak I ever ate I think.. good restaurant. Well somewhere I didn´t expect to have decent food at all - just a cafeteria sort of place - almost the type that would have plastic tablecloths at the end of a touristy cheap shopping mall. A steak to die for, a beer, a bottle of water and a salad and all for less than $12. no complaints there.
Today had a great wander is an antique market - called Feria San Telmo - old buildings good street musicians and interesing art.

I still haven´t managed to catch any good tango, but hopefully won´t manage to leave before I do. It seems that most things are closed on Christmas day.. like everywhere else in the world.. well that is of course except for the Muslim world - so it will be an opportunity just to wander and take in the sights with no temptation to shop.
But that said, I am still considering heading off to Uruguay tomorrow.. just for the day - more on that later.
the internet is so great.. Sahaja is on line now so I am off to chat!
thanks for reading!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Adventure Begins! Antarctica Here I Come.

All the last minute packing has been done, the panicking that maybe I don't have enough warm clothes.. and then the .. oh no! what to wear in stylish Buenos Aires!! where it is HOT!
and then the final squeeze.. how to get that suitcase shut.. but too late now to try to throw anything out so sitting on it is the last resort.

and I am off.. here now in the Qantas lounge, waiting the few hours until the beginning of the 16.5 hour leg - Sydney to Buenos Aires. Valerian and melatonin and homeopathic jet lag pills in hand - something will surely help me sleep? Knowing the risks of real sleeping pills ..konk you out so much that you run the risk of deep vein thrombosis. No thank you .. the Antarctica adventure is way too important to land up in hospital that way, or worse.

Sahaja is holding the fort at home - so if you need anything from Best Health - she will take very good care of you. and in the meantime, before the next posting here - have a great Christmas.. I will talk to you from Buenos Aires and give you the first impressions from there.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Is Your House Killing You? - Solutions...

The popular TV series on SBS has woken lots of people up to the possible hidden dangers in their houses and environment.

Here at Best Health we have been looking for a good air purifier - ioniser for some time now - and finally our friends at Healthstart have come up with a product that we can really endorse. The statistics on it in comparison to other purifiers on the market stack up really well and the price is good too. I don't usually use this blog as an advertising medium but this information is really worth getting out there.

There are too many people suffering from allergies - being totally blocked up in their heads, having to take way too many medications to try to alleviate their problems and cleaning and ionising the air in their homes and offices can have a profound effect on their ability to live their lives to the full.

If this is something you are interested in have a look at the info on our site or call us for more details. We are getting some in stock next week and you can come by if you like and see it in action.