Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Adventure Begins! Antarctica Here I Come.

All the last minute packing has been done, the panicking that maybe I don't have enough warm clothes.. and then the .. oh no! what to wear in stylish Buenos Aires!! where it is HOT!
and then the final squeeze.. how to get that suitcase shut.. but too late now to try to throw anything out so sitting on it is the last resort.

and I am off.. here now in the Qantas lounge, waiting the few hours until the beginning of the 16.5 hour leg - Sydney to Buenos Aires. Valerian and melatonin and homeopathic jet lag pills in hand - something will surely help me sleep? Knowing the risks of real sleeping pills ..konk you out so much that you run the risk of deep vein thrombosis. No thank you .. the Antarctica adventure is way too important to land up in hospital that way, or worse.

Sahaja is holding the fort at home - so if you need anything from Best Health - she will take very good care of you. and in the meantime, before the next posting here - have a great Christmas.. I will talk to you from Buenos Aires and give you the first impressions from there.

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