Monday, December 24, 2007

Buenos Aires

The first leg of the journey - big bustling noisy city.. my facts guide book says it is the third noisiest city in the world!! well don´t quite know how they work that out but it sure is noisy. And incredibly diverse - from high class shops to slums - villa miseria they are called. (it seems they even run tourist bus trips to see them!!!) that´s pretty weird.

On another subject entirely..Food is great - the best sirloin steak I ever ate I think.. good restaurant. Well somewhere I didn´t expect to have decent food at all - just a cafeteria sort of place - almost the type that would have plastic tablecloths at the end of a touristy cheap shopping mall. A steak to die for, a beer, a bottle of water and a salad and all for less than $12. no complaints there.
Today had a great wander is an antique market - called Feria San Telmo - old buildings good street musicians and interesing art.

I still haven´t managed to catch any good tango, but hopefully won´t manage to leave before I do. It seems that most things are closed on Christmas day.. like everywhere else in the world.. well that is of course except for the Muslim world - so it will be an opportunity just to wander and take in the sights with no temptation to shop.
But that said, I am still considering heading off to Uruguay tomorrow.. just for the day - more on that later.
the internet is so great.. Sahaja is on line now so I am off to chat!
thanks for reading!!

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