Thursday, January 17, 2008


I'm back.. so much for blogging my journey.. sorry folks.. too much to see, do and be in to possibly spend time on the computer!
What to say about this wonderful journey - please feel free to check out some of the photos I managed to take - here

Antarctica emptied me out .. then filled me ..
gave me a perspective that was larger than before - assisted me to see the detail, the real, and the essentials - showed me how fragile is our planet - this microcosm that is the Antarctic Peninsula - so delicate in its balance, all that exists there hangs by a tenuous thread - incredibly hardy, but also incredibly vulnerable.

Would I recommend this journey. A heartfelt YES - and also I would highly recommend the company we went with .. Aurora Expeditions they were great.. couldn't fault their organisation and their crew. Excellent .. great food, great lectures, good staff, and so much enthusiasm and energy for really going for it. Thanks guys.. you did a wonderful job!


Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures, glad you had a great time and shared these pictures. I found your blog because I was planning a kayaking trip to Antarctica in December, now I really can't wait.

Shazar said...

Hey drchaos...
kayaking was the absolute BEST thing.. scary at first for me, but great.. who are you going with.. I can't recommend it more highly.
I would go again in a flash!