Monday, January 28, 2008

Antarctica.. segment two..

I realise there is so much more to share re my trip to Antarctica... but it it almost impossible to describe this adventure. even with photos and descriptions.

One thing I wanted to tell you was that this experience is haunting me.. it has had an extensive effect and I am still not sure that it is over yet.. it seems that the things I was shown there have the possibility of far reaching effects that I am as yet largely unaware of..

This photo is taken around midnight in the Lemaire Channel... it is our first real glimpse of the sun and that sun is almost setting. We were to round the corner of this Channel, and head 2 nautical miles, into a sudden head wind carrying freezing cold sleet! About 1.30 am I was in the bar, still in my thermals, having stripped off my dry suit, and grabbed a hot chocolate .. to be laced with rum!
What a paddle..! It was like that.. so many emotions and changes in each paddle.. we could start out with sleet and end up in the light.. or vice versa.. or three things in one paddle!! emotions.. well/ Fear, anxiety .,, anger .. at not being able to hitch on the skirt or spray protector. Joy awe, total sensation of being immersed in beauty unimaginable.

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