Sunday, July 18, 2010

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Monday, July 12, 2010


In a recent episode of Dr Who…
Van Gogh is lying face down in desperation on his bed..deep in his darkest mood… enter the 'Doctor' - who says - thinking to ‘cheer him up’:
“In my experience – there is always hope.”
Van Gogh retorts from deep in his pillow:
“Then your experience is incomplete!”
You could be one who understands fully what Van Gogh was talking about. In the depths of depression and darkness, any amount of ‘cheering up’ and jollying along is of no use. In fact the 'other' cannot move you from your dark space. Only you can allow that to happen.. can let the shift begin to move you out of your despair.

Certainly a hand to hold – a shoulder to lean against, a person to stand beside you is desirable.. but essentially the other can only allow a support – cannot pull you out of the place you have gone.

In fact the other – in the attempt to change the space you are in, sometimes drives you further into the hole. Because depression is often a place of comparison.. a place where you cannot but compare your deep and dark space to the light around, and almost anything and anyone seems lighter and more able to function than you can in that place.

That place feels never ending .. as if the lights are out and the switch is lost.

Okay – you know the picture .. you know the feeling – it is not needed to describe this further – only to say that there are many shades of depression – many layers of mood disorder – and each has its own flavor and course – and in fact each also has diverse means of traversing and moving through the darkness.

However, there is an important aspect that all who suffer from this debilitation should become aware of. And this is that depression is not simply a mental disorder. Yes for many years it has been considered a mental disease.. and for many years was treated simply as such. But there is much evidence that demonstrates depression to often be a nutritionally based disorder or to be precipitated and exacerbated by toxic load in the body. And in these cases, can respond better to appropriate supplementation with the right nutrients or to intensive detoxification of the toxic elements better than to psychotherapy or psychotropic drug therapy.

No longer can we look at the deeply depressed person and consider them simply to be verging on a state of ‘madness’.
Even Beethoven – who was suicidal for much of his short life – has been found to have been suffering from high levels of lead toxicity.

Mad? Or simply toxic?

How many people have ended up in heavy drug therapy – even electric shock therapy – who were in fact overloaded with heavy metals and other toxic chemicals?

Oh let us not deny the load of psychological stressors that can weigh a person down.. that can create such an emotional load on a person’s psyche that they are unable to crawl out from underneath their sorrows. But add to this a load of chemical toxicity – which in turn disturbs the ability of the body to stay in a balanced and harmonious state.. and you are creating a situation where the person cannot throw off the pain and distress of any sort of life trauma.

So what's the real message here? I would like to simply say that if you are one of the myriad of people who suffers under the load of a debilitating mood disorder - either temporarily or in a consistent way, perhaps you could consider looking at some other aspects of this - get checked for toxic load, think about how you may have been exposed to chemicals, or heavy metals or other toxic elements in your life. Consider the possibility that getting some help to detoxify yourself could make a big shift for you.

For in this time we have a responsibility to realize our full potential. We have chosen to be here on this earth at this incredibly volatile time.. this time in which changes are occurring at a rate we have never seen before. Its time to step up to the job we are here to do.. and that means climbing out from under any garbage we have heaped upon ourselves and stepping into our true nature. Come on out - its time - lets play - lets move into our lives as we are destined to be.

And if you need some help with that.. you can call us.. that's our job here - to give assistance where assistance is required. Best Health.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Sue Woolfe on Writing

Last night the show Talking Heads on ABC1 inspired me. Well not the show as such - but most certainly the 'talking head' - for tonight it was Sue Woolfe - author and an exceptionally inspirational lady. She spoke of writing and how it happens for her.. and it really struck a chord with me as her process and her understanding of it allowed me to recognise mine.

She said - or words to this effect:
Buzziness of the brain is more silent.. when creating - and
sharing the oneness that comes is dangerous... the writing has to be done in utter loneliness...
What I understood her to say was that when creating one had to go into the silence and allow that creativity to flow through. That this was not a state of having hundreds of ideas rushing through the mind, but rather allowing the mind to become silent and let the flow occur.

That in creating - in fact the mind needed to become silent. The allowing of the flow was what is important and in fact what assisted the flow to occur.

It is interesting that a similar state appears to be needed when working in the healing field, as it can be seen in the following way. True healing occurs when one moves aside and allows what may be called the energy of the universe to flow in. This provides a safe space for the person being 'healed' to move into alignment and a balance where they can either physically allow the body to align, or allow the insights necessary for emotional alignment to occur.

We move in mysterious ways. We think as humans that science gets all the answers, that it is needed to understand - to dissect all the smallest particles to find out how we tick. But in fact most illuminating discoveries and life changing experiences occur out of the mind.

The Masters have stressed this for eons.. that the mind is simply something to create the shopping list with. We do not use the mind to create, to heal, or even to arrive at illuminating discoveries and enlightening inventions or life changing revelations.

The mind it a tool to be used for the purpose it was designed for .. not for working out the meaning of life!

Sue also said...
When you write about your memories you seem to lay down new memories and they have less jagged edges than the original memories and in this way writing can be healing...

This says a lot for the practice of journaling.. long known to assist in the healing of many problems and dis-ease of the being. In fact journaling is one of the factors that seems to prolong the life of cancer sufferers.

Get journaling everyone!! Its a great habit to get into.