Monday, July 05, 2010

Sue Woolfe on Writing

Last night the show Talking Heads on ABC1 inspired me. Well not the show as such - but most certainly the 'talking head' - for tonight it was Sue Woolfe - author and an exceptionally inspirational lady. She spoke of writing and how it happens for her.. and it really struck a chord with me as her process and her understanding of it allowed me to recognise mine.

She said - or words to this effect:
Buzziness of the brain is more silent.. when creating - and
sharing the oneness that comes is dangerous... the writing has to be done in utter loneliness...
What I understood her to say was that when creating one had to go into the silence and allow that creativity to flow through. That this was not a state of having hundreds of ideas rushing through the mind, but rather allowing the mind to become silent and let the flow occur.

That in creating - in fact the mind needed to become silent. The allowing of the flow was what is important and in fact what assisted the flow to occur.

It is interesting that a similar state appears to be needed when working in the healing field, as it can be seen in the following way. True healing occurs when one moves aside and allows what may be called the energy of the universe to flow in. This provides a safe space for the person being 'healed' to move into alignment and a balance where they can either physically allow the body to align, or allow the insights necessary for emotional alignment to occur.

We move in mysterious ways. We think as humans that science gets all the answers, that it is needed to understand - to dissect all the smallest particles to find out how we tick. But in fact most illuminating discoveries and life changing experiences occur out of the mind.

The Masters have stressed this for eons.. that the mind is simply something to create the shopping list with. We do not use the mind to create, to heal, or even to arrive at illuminating discoveries and enlightening inventions or life changing revelations.

The mind it a tool to be used for the purpose it was designed for .. not for working out the meaning of life!

Sue also said...
When you write about your memories you seem to lay down new memories and they have less jagged edges than the original memories and in this way writing can be healing...

This says a lot for the practice of journaling.. long known to assist in the healing of many problems and dis-ease of the being. In fact journaling is one of the factors that seems to prolong the life of cancer sufferers.

Get journaling everyone!! Its a great habit to get into.

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