Friday, October 13, 2006

Integrative Medicine - a better term for alternative or complementary -

Dr Andrew Weil twice featured on the front cover of Time Magazine said yesterday:

I don't advocate alternative medicine. I think integrative medicine is clearly the way of the future. It's not about rejecting standard medicine or embracing alternative therapies uncritically. It's a new model that really looks at the whole person and looks at lifestyle and places great importance on the doctor-patient relationship, and then is willing to look outside the box to find treatments that are effective.
So I think that the term "integrative medicine" is really acceptable in academic discourse. ... I hope that eventually that this will replace the terms "alternative medicine" and "complementary medicine."
As I said, I am just very convinced that this is the way of the future.

We totally agree - integrative medicine is definitely a term we feel expresses the way of the future in health care.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

New Discoveries in Genetics

The Ghost in your Genes

This is a wonderful online video.. let it download fully before you start to play it unless you have super fast download speeds..

"Biology stands on the brink of a shift in the understanding of inheritance. The discovery of epigenetics – hidden influences upon the genes – could affect every aspect of our lives."

They say: it will change the way the causes of disease are viewed, as well as the importance of lifestyles and family relationships.
What people do no longer just affects themselves, but can determine the health of their children and grandchildren in decades to come. "We are," as Marcus Pembrey says, "all guardians of our genome."

We have known these things in our study with kinesiology - we have also known that it is possible to switch on or off the expression of genetics - and with the energetic shifts that can be made with homeopathy and energy medicine the expression of genes can also be influenced.

Quote - George Bernard Shaw

Found in the latest Voyeur Mag from Virgin Blue.. a good read by the way - its something I think they do better than Qantas!

Shaw said:

The reasonable man adapts himself to the world. The unreasonable man persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man!

Let's get unreasonable!!!!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Serious Reactions to Drug Trials

I realise this article on drug trials and what can go wrong is an oldie.. BUT I just returned from Melbourne where they are happily advertising on Nova Radio (by the way a fun and generally good station!) that healthy young people who are not on any medication can be paid for taking part in drug trials - to assess the way certain drugs are processed in the body.

There was not one mention of the fact that these trials may harm you and even in some circumstances, may be life threatening.

Check out the link re the drug trials that went horribly wrong in the UK this year.. in fact 6 healthy men all under 40 suffered multiple organ failure, and two were said to be critically ill.

So this is a warning to the unwary. Even if you are broke and this appears to be a good way to make some cash.. think again. Don't donate your body to science before you are dead! Science is not always on the right track.

Friday, October 06, 2006

David Suzuki on people stealing his research!

Great post re David Suzuki - "Steal my research - that's what it's for!" what an incredible attitude that we could do with so much more on this planet. Sharing will move us only forward. Conscious Earth,

This may seem obvious to some, but the whole point of conducting and publishing this research is to get people to actually use it. As public education, it helps raise awareness of environmental problems. But more important, it provides solutions to those problems. And most of those solutions are best implemented by our political and business leaders, rather than by individuals.

So if you ask me if it bothers me that politicians are stealing the solutions brought forward by my foundation, the answer is no. To use a computer term, we consider this information "open source." It's a free buffet; please take all you like. The whole reason why we do the research is to effect change. If those who have the power to make those solutions happen actually use that information, so much the better. This is how change happens.


Wayne Mansfield - helps promote your business.

Do a search on Wayne Mansfield and you will come up with a lot of stuff. And that's basically just what it is "stuff" - known as the "Spam King" (boy were 'they' out to get him!!) - Wayne Mansfield, in my opinion does great work.

We did some business coaching with him in the past year - and recently attended the Sell2006 seminar day which was great.

Very useful information on business and how to promote yourself. If you get the opportunity to work with Wayne, go for it.. it will be well worth your while.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Share Trading and Investing

Just back from a very interesting evening - on share trading and investing - what's this got to do with health and wellbeing and bringing us to our full potential.. you may ask!!

Well in my opinion ethical investing, a healthy bank balance, is all part of a well balanced human being.
And coming out of my history of being a traveller in this Universe, having meandered through much of my life with little thought often to financial health, it is now an important aspect that I consider.

Look at it this way.. you may be full of physical health - and owe heaps of money - you may have a wonderful relationship - and worry daily about where your next meal may come from - you may feel totally spiritually connected - but be concerned for the welfare of your children. So it is all part of the balance.

So getting back to tonight - if you are looking for some great advice in the field of investment you can't go too wrong with StockDoctor. They have an excellent program and lots of very good support for the little investor as well as the already wealthy investor.

Check out their website .. and if you want a personal recommendation feel free to email me.

Sunless Suntan Proves Possible

Great news.. for those of us who love to be tanned and don't dare lie out in the sun any more because of sun damaged skin.

Sun seekers and tanning-bed junkies take note: Researchers have induced honest-to-goodness suntans in mice without exposing them to ultraviolet (UV) rays. Instead, they rubbed a lotion into the critters' skin that activated their tanning machinery, which then protected the mice from UV's cancer-causing effects. The animals carried a mutation making them fair skinned and unable to tan otherwise, like human redheads, suggesting that a similar tanning trick might help even the pastiest of us bask in the sun without worry.

....researchers applied the plant compound forskolin, which is known to promote cellular production of a molecule called cyclic AMP, a chemical that the normal MC1R also targets.

When anointed daily with forskolin, the mice developed a rich caramel hue, report David Fisher of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and colleagues in the September 21 Nature. "After a couple of weeks they were virtually black," Fisher says. These bronzed rodents were nearly as resistant to UV-induced sunburn as naturally black-colored mice, and even animals especially prone to skin cancer saw fewer and slower-developing tumors when slathered with forskolin. Fisher says his group is working to identify a compound that would offer similar protection to people and is safe to apply.

Go researchers.. it could mean the end of the sunbed industry!! and way less visits to your friendly dermatologist to burn off those nasty sunspots!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Shoulder Pain Gone!

I had a great treatment today.. I have had a really painful right shoulder and arm since a heavy fall when I slipped on a wet kitchen floor about two months ago! Sahaja has been able to help me quite a lot with her kinesiology skills,but there was a lot of residual pain.

Today I saw Rob Bondanno in Joondalup - he had been referred to me by a good friend Del Wheatland (massage therapist extraordinaire..) and she was SO right!

An hour of fairly intensive pressure point therapy.. not his name for it.. and my nearly frozen and very painful shoulder has freed up considerably.

I am very happy to be pain free again I can tell you.

You can call us here at Best Health if you would like Rob's contact details.