Thursday, October 05, 2006

Share Trading and Investing

Just back from a very interesting evening - on share trading and investing - what's this got to do with health and wellbeing and bringing us to our full potential.. you may ask!!

Well in my opinion ethical investing, a healthy bank balance, is all part of a well balanced human being.
And coming out of my history of being a traveller in this Universe, having meandered through much of my life with little thought often to financial health, it is now an important aspect that I consider.

Look at it this way.. you may be full of physical health - and owe heaps of money - you may have a wonderful relationship - and worry daily about where your next meal may come from - you may feel totally spiritually connected - but be concerned for the welfare of your children. So it is all part of the balance.

So getting back to tonight - if you are looking for some great advice in the field of investment you can't go too wrong with StockDoctor. They have an excellent program and lots of very good support for the little investor as well as the already wealthy investor.

Check out their website .. and if you want a personal recommendation feel free to email me.

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