Friday, October 06, 2006

David Suzuki on people stealing his research!

Great post re David Suzuki - "Steal my research - that's what it's for!" what an incredible attitude that we could do with so much more on this planet. Sharing will move us only forward. Conscious Earth,

This may seem obvious to some, but the whole point of conducting and publishing this research is to get people to actually use it. As public education, it helps raise awareness of environmental problems. But more important, it provides solutions to those problems. And most of those solutions are best implemented by our political and business leaders, rather than by individuals.

So if you ask me if it bothers me that politicians are stealing the solutions brought forward by my foundation, the answer is no. To use a computer term, we consider this information "open source." It's a free buffet; please take all you like. The whole reason why we do the research is to effect change. If those who have the power to make those solutions happen actually use that information, so much the better. This is how change happens.


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