Sunday, August 30, 2009

Energy Medicine - New Paradigms of Healing

If you are in Perth on Wednesday the 23rd of September, check out this talk - it promises to be an evening worth attending.

Presented by Shazar Robinson whose passion is uncovering the deepest aspects of healing - sharing her insights and giving a broad perspective on health, healing and balance. She has over 16 years clinical practice and is a regular speaker at conferences both in Australia and internationally.

Shazar condenses the essence of the most significant aspects of healing into her presentation. It would be great if all health care practitioners gained this understanding … Robert Gammal BDS FACNEM(dent) Founder and past president ASOMAT.

The talk is for both health practitioners and anyone who is interested in this evolving and expanding topic.


Just spent two days with the teenagers of Perth - at StepUp. These future leaders were amazing.. they just went from slouching in to dancing out in two days!
The slogan of the event is:
If its possible for you
Its possible for me
Its just a matter of HOW!

This is such a great cause to support - I was proud to be there as a coach - and I highly recommend it both as an event for teenagers and the experience of being a coach there. The first day was tough.. the second day blew my mind.

If there is a StepUp coming to a city near you - find out how you can support this great movement designed to educate and excite teenagers about the possibilities for their future in business and in life, by bringing high profile, inspirational business, sporting and other leaders and teens together.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Juicing for Life!

Hey folks - talking about "now time" - let's keep some balance here.
If we are low energy, not feeding ourselves right, sludging around in toxic emotions and chemical additives in our food - all those things that keep us slowed down and dumbed down - it is time to do something about that.

One of the fastest ways of creating high energy and renewing sources of life enzymes and light in our bodies is to take in those enzymes and light energy from foods that are full of it.

What are they?
Think organic - think as fresh as possible - so buying from your local farmer's market is the best way to go.

- that way you get the essence of these vegetables in a form that is highly digestible, in a very concentrated form.

Juicing vegetables -
throw in a couple of organic apples, a knob of ginger, half a whole lemon - a handful of mint, some carrots - a beetroot, a couple of cticks of celery
and you have a meal that cannot be surpassed.

But wait..

any old juicer just won't do the trick. Those highspeed centrifugal juicers that rip the vergies to shreds and take ages to clean just do exactly that.. they tear the enyzmes apart.

The absolute best juicer we have found is the type that crushes the vegetables and fruit.. it grinds, and using a single gear motor you can really push those vegies through it without fear of burning the motor out.

In fact the guys from Healthstart who make the Compact Food Processor - the one we use every morning.. guarantee the motor for life.

So is this an ad for a juicer?.. Yes .. it is .. its an ad for the best juicer I ever used. And its one way of helping to save your life.
"Save your life:" she says?
No - no-one can save your life.. not for ever.. but life can certainly be well worth living if we keep ourselves bright and energetic. and Juicing with the Compact Juicer is a great way to go - try it.. you will be very happy you did!!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Now there is no(w) time

feel the freedom of the no(w) time. If there is not tomorrow, no later on, no next year.. but just now - imagine for a moment the feeling of that. Doesn't it feel like freedom.
What is there to worry about, to do besides what is yours to do right here and right now. That can of course be cooking the dinner - it might be writing that email, writing that book. It's all now time.

No time left to waste being worried about later. No time left to waste being worried about money. Who is to say that means doing nothing? No.. it is not about doing nothing and not taking care .. it is about being present at all times. Being here. Caring, taking care, being grateful in this moemnt.

It is No(w) time.