Saturday, February 09, 2008

Floating Rubbish Dump - time to give plastic the flick.

This is a horrifying story - and the worst part is that it is not a tale - but true.
I read only yesterday that San Francisco has banned plastic shopping bags. Please for the sake of our oceans and for our wildlife and ultimately for our own lives, let us ban plastic bags as well now.
It is already too late for many birds and other sea life .. now killed by this mass of plastic debris.

Moore, an oceanographer who has made the study of the patch his full-time occupation, believes there is about 100 million tonnes of plastic circulating in the northern Pacific - or about 2.5 per cent of all plastic items made since 1950.

China is to ban free plastic bags country wide from June..

lets wake up and ban plastic bags now.


Dave Morris said...


I come from Ireland and a couple of years ago the government here introduced a tax on plastic bags. The law now requires that if you want to take a plastic bag from a shop or supermarket you need to pay for it. People have now become used to taking their own re-usable bags to the supermarket each week. This has made a huge difference to the environment.

Patricia said...

South Australia is leading the way!