Saturday, September 22, 2007

Antarctica in the Summer

I am fortunate enough to be on the verge of a expedition to Antarctica. This has been a dream of mine for many years.
Some years ago I attended a slide evening in Brisbane - with the Aurora Expeditions company.. and was totally entranced with vision of going with them to the Antarctic Peninsular.
Now I booked.. the New Year Trip for 12 days.. and it is only 3 months away and all these considerations come to mind - suddenly I am not fit enough, have not learned enough about taking photos - all those things I thought I should get together before I went!!! .. but there it is .. and I am totally excited just the same.

The sense of being in a type of desert place .. a place where there is space and expansion and the stretching of all your senses into the distance - unhindered by all the machine noise that is usual in the city..that's the main reason I signed up for kayaking option.. I imagined that away from the ship engine and the zodiac motor - just gliding in a kayak amongst the ice scenery - the whales, and the teeming life there of summer..and that space away from noise disharmony - I thought this would be great.
Cold.. hmmm... oh well.. lots of thermals are called for.
For the trip down, I have booked a place to stay in Bueones Aires - fortunately recommended by an old friend..

My niece Bindi says.. "it is the music in BA.. that food, the shopping, the architecture and also it is in your face in other ways.. "
5 or 6 days there...then off south to the expanse. I will tell you more as I go along..and have found on the net a well reviewed sort of homestay in Ushuaia.. for two nights.. I am looking forward to that very much

okay.. it is time to get that kayak out on the river and start paddling like mad.. they are said to kayak up to 120-140 kms each trip!

And here I would like to thank those who are assisting me to manifest this dream..
1. Sahaja
2. Heather
3. Olive,
4. Harley
5. Jude
6. Aunty Marion
7. Ken
and those who are now too many to name..
For without them and without our many valuable clients - who have often become friends, I would not be going on this almost unbelievable journey I thank you.
How you have all helped me so much.

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Anonymous said...

A Kayak in Antartica? You are beautifully mad! Love you, Vasant