Thursday, August 30, 2007

Best Health Has A New Website!

Outsourcing was the buzz word of the week, and so I went with it and outsourced! Some weeks later, and much gnashing of teeth and sometimes despair that it ever would look right, our new website is finally on line.

Not that it is finished.. those of you who are web-authors will know that websites are never really finished.
Especially those whose purpose is to educate and further the 'work' however that may be interpreted.

In fact as I told my elderly aunt when she enquired the other day as to how the site was going.. and was it finished yet? - websites are like a garden - you have to keep on pruning and planting new things and that is the way they go. She understood that very well.

So if you like.. check out our new design. It has been wonderfully augmented by Sahaja's (my sister and colleague)'s photographic skills as well as some great shots care of iStockPhoto. A great place to go for good pics at a reasonable price.

Thanks for visiting..come back soon.

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