Saturday, August 04, 2007

A Joke? or the Truth!

sorry about the short cartoon.. please go to the link to see the whole thing!

When pharmacists tell the truth (comic)

This website tells some very interesting truths.. it is well worth getting their daily newsletter to keep abreast of some of the more interesting stories behind the stories we see on our television and in the newspapers.

A very important part of taking responsibility for our own health lies in receiving the correct information and educating ourselves. I am not about scaring people, or buying into the fear tactics that go all over this planet in these times, I don't want to add to that load we are carrying - but misinformation is rife, so when I find a site that gives another side to the usual stories, then I am very happy to pass it on.

At the same time, I suggest you educate yourself, but do not get hooked into the fear - either that promoted by our governments and big pharma and big business, or that which is on the other side - that of the 'conspiracy theorists".

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