Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Health Disaster - Time to take Control

This is a short video which is well worth watching from Dr Mercola. You may be shocked at these statistics of the biggest health disaster of our time, which is generally covered up and not known by most people.
It brings home to us the huge importance of taking charge of your own health - learning about how to get healthy and keep healthy - and how to keep yourself and your family out of the medical system.

For more information on general health news and suggestions for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, we have lots of info on our website as well - time to get reading, get educated on the real cost of medical intervention, junk food and our toxic environment.

Being healthy, making the effort required to wake up your body right down to the cellular level, and enliven yourself once again is such a worth while endeavour. You will be so glad you did when the rewards begin to be felt .. and they will be felt more quickly than you expect.
Your eyes get brighter, your step lighter, and your brain starts working clearly.

Go for it.. take charge again and wake up and live.

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