Tuesday, July 25, 2006

More Data on HRT and Breast Cancer

Published in July issue of Archives of Internal Medicine -data on 121,700 women - part of the Nurses Health Study, looked at the long-term effects of estrogen-plus- testosterone therapy. (Full report of this story here.)

During 24 years of follow-up for the study, there were 4,610 cases of breast cancer. The 29 women who were taking estrogen plus testosterone had a 77 percent higher risk of developing breast cancer than those who never used hormone therapy, the researchers reported.

The risk associated with this combination therapy was higher than the risk associated with estrogen therapy (15 percent) and of estrogen-plus-progestin therapy (58 percent), Tamimi said.

They also said studies on alternative or complementary therapies demonstrated these were not helpful - but an interesting fact showed up - a placebo effect showed a 50% reduction in menopausal symptoms in 12 weeks!

So bring on the placebo I say!! and let's look at where the real healing and balancing effect comes from in so many of our 'therapies'? Its not the drug - or the herb - or the pill.. healing comes from within.

I believe that we make up our minds to be well - and whether we are assisted with that from another, or even believe that we are healed by another - ultimately the healing comes from within.

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