Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Healing - the microcosm to heal the macrocosm.

Healing - what a huge topic - and what a fascinating one..what does it mean to me? It means anything from helping a person get over their stress or body illness, to healing the damage done by the distorted thinking that says throwing bombs at someone who throws rockets at you is any form of solution!

Bombing Beirut - how unthinkable is that? When will we get a sense of the futility of this type of action? When will we understand clearly enough that violence is never a solution. That the solution can only be found outside of the problem - that the solution needs to go to the very root of the problem to find the cause to find the deep poison that is seeping up and polluting our whole planet.

Right now I want to cry - the pain of it is so deep.. if you read this - reach out and hold the person's hand who is closest to you - connect - because connect we must with ourselves and our neighbour - it too late to solve the problems by throwing our anger and rage at each other.

Please wake up - please hold the hand of the person close to you - and through that we may reach out to those on the other side of the planet - or across the border who may look different to us, who may worship in a different way, who may think differently, but who all bleed when hurt - who all have the capacity to love and to cry and are human beings and another part of me and you.

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