Monday, September 07, 2009

Frogs Chorus Tonight....

Am I ever lucky! I am still at Rocky Hall.. and tonight after a day of mist and rain we are almost deafened by the frog chorus outside. They are chortling - and the fire is creaking in the grate.

Being here has allowed me to see ever more clearly that at this time in our evolution and our process, it is so clearly required to be focused on the harmonious. It is essential to keep our view and our intention on the light.

According to all the predictions - which are now becoming heard even mainstream - time as we know it is coming to a close soon. We are nearing the end of two huge cycles in our earth's existence.. the yuga's of the Indian continent - the Mayan predictions, the words of Nostradamus.. all are pointing toward a big change.

But do not forget we are living on a planet of choice.

It is time to really dream our own dream.. to create by dreaming - to envisage our own lives .. in the way in which we would like to live - to keep our one pointedness on this vision in order to bring it into being,

we are not going to become healthy by focusing on disease.
we cannot create peace by focusing on war.
we cannot have harmonious relationships while harbouring grudges.
our children cannot grow into wise future leaders while being jammed into a mold.
we cannot love our neighbour while we stay rooted in fear of the different.
we cannot nurture our souls while staying in our heads.

I could go on.. but I am sure you really get the picture!

What is it you and I would like to create together for the time of the change? It can only be rooted in the heart.
As Leonard Cohen once said
"Love is the only engine of survival."

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