Friday, September 18, 2009

Say No to Mandatory Vaccinations

Let us not follow in the footsteps of the draconian laws being passed in the USA to enforce us and our children to be vaccinated. This is a fundamental right to our health freedom and we need to make a stand on this. Action today can help us to maintain our freedom of choice.

There are too many unknown factors involved in these rushed through 'solutions' to what is very likely to be a manufactured 'pandemic'. We must keep ourselves educated about our rights and maintain our ability to say No when we wish.

Please support the Australian Vaccination Network and check out their work. They have been tireless in their continual search for clear and unbiased information about the effects of vaccines and have not had an easy time of their efforts to keep the information available to us all.

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julia said...

Thanks for that link Shazar. It's hard for people, especially mothers of young children, to resist strong peer pressure. I understand there are homeopathic vaccinations available in Perth now?