Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Dark or the Light?

I have had an interesting day. This morning I read a long discourse by David Icke on vaccinations .. swine flu and so on. He made some very good points.. and it really took me in..
and I posted it on my FaceBook.. because I thought it worthy to bring the attention of others to this information that could shift the course of humanity.

And tonight I took it down.. I deleted the post - because I saw yet again that the fight and even the thought of the protest is a focus in a false direction. That the focus has to be steadfastly on the light..

Once again as in any 'dis-ease' when we put our attention on the chaos and the disorder.. that can only increase. This is such a fine line to walk.. such a delicate and subtle balance to be played.

My mind questions it.. and says, in that incessant small voice.. "Does this, can this really be the way? To simply put the attention on what we wish to create.. to put the attention on a planet of harmony - a place of birds and song and connection. a place of light. To dream the dream.

And then I wonder .. what about Krishna who fought the good fight?
And Arjuna, and Christ with the money changers in the temple.. and .. and.. and....

The mind continues to create its own story to keep me out of my flow..

Accept the mind.. and the mind becomes tamed..
and able to be employed in a useful manner.

It's all a trick.. it is all Maya - the illusion.
Connection - coherence - communication.
Only this will bring us back to ourselves.

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