Sunday, May 23, 2010

First Do No Harm

I was a straight laced medically oriented tunnel vision Occupational Therapist. Ready to shoot down anyone who suggested anything out of my belief system patterns. Until my husband – almost ready to die, was healed by a Balinese shaman.

That catapulted me out of my comfortable reality and into a journey which has no end in sight.

It moved me to be aware that there is much more to this world than meets our eyes. To realise that healing has many different shades and colours and that scientific studies and rationale is not necessarily always right or even in fact useful.

My husband - then suffering from severe recurrent pancreatitis - was told clearly by the medical profession that his days were numbered and they had no further answers for him and his incurable condition.

The healer, after sleeping in the family temple in order to dream the method of healing for my husband, used only his hands - and massaged my husband's body with some hot yellow paste. After two weeks he proclaimed him healed and he was.

My husband (now my ex) is still alive today more than 30 years later.

"Scientific?" - no where near it! (using the criteria we consider to be fit and acceptable in our Western mentality). "Placebo?" - if it was who cares.. my husband was healed.

Western Medicine is struggling with the load of chronic disease - and in their struggle they are having the tendency to kick out against anything they don't really understand.. there are many good healers in the firing line for speaking out and walking their truth.
Hippocrates famous advice more than 2000 years ago was "First do no harm".

In our more than 34 years (combined) of practice - neither Sahaja Springer - kinesiologist and facilitator of magic - nor myself - kinesiologist and EAV electrodermal screening practitioner (Avatar) - have ever killed a patient.

Nor have we ever done anyone any harm. There are many that live healthier more balanced lives as a result of working with us. They will tell you that.

We are very happy for that, and despite the huge ugly retraction notice right on the front page of our website, we are still here to serve you and to assist you to live happier healthier lives.

Please look behind the smokescreens that are placed in our way every day.. look deeper to enquire what is really the truth - dig just a little and you will be amazed at what is being purposefully hidden from your view.

Scientific studies on all manner of things from 'healthy margarine that reduces your cholesterol" to pesticides and chemicals that are 'harmless' and only later are revealed to be changing our gene pool (and most certainly not for the better). Drug company funded scientific studies proving that the latest and greatest wonder pill won't kill you have been highlighted in our prestigious newspaper The Australian so simply trusting the 'science' may be dangerous to your health.

Some of the places to look that will give you honest clear information are the following:

The Health Ranger - great entertaining news.. sign up for his newsletter.. its well worth it.
Dr Mercola - who has an amazing array of information for health matters.

Open your eyes - open your minds, allow the information that is out there to reach you through the jungle of advertisements, mis-information and lies. Your health demands it.

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