Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Epigenetics and Dr Bill Walsh

I was privileged to go to a great talk with Dr Walsh. His claim to fame - for the general public - is that he was the one who did the research on Beethoven's hair samples and found out that he was hghly lead toxic.

That was not what Dr Walsh was discussing the other evening - he was talking about the major biochemical differences found in testing people with various forms of mental illness ranging from schizophrenia to depression to autism and those of other members of the public.

He included in this talk information about epigentics.. that is the effect of the environment on the turning on or off of our genes. This phrase although coined in the 1940'2 has been recently brought to the general public by Bruce Lipton's great book The Biology of Belief: Unleasing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles.

There were a couple of items that really got my attention -
the first - that they now understand that the most important time for creating genetic stress is between day 20 and 24 of pregnancy. At this time if the fetus is placed under stress - eg toxicity of any kind - genetic 'bookmarking' occurs that is - the markers for whether these genes will be turned on or not are created.

How amazing is that? It brings to our awareness that at this very early stage in the pregnancy - often before the mother is even aware that she is pregnant - there can be such important events.

So what's the lesson in this - if you are working toward having a family - make sure that you clean up your act now.. don't wait till you know you are pregnant - the quality of both you and your partner's health can and will have a long term effect on your child and in fact on your children's children.

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