Friday, May 21, 2010

I am my Hero

I am fearless and walk tall with courage.
I am true to myself and full of integrity.
I am generous of spirit, openhearted and live in the centre of my being.
I am a conduit for light and resonate coherence in a unique and extraordinary way allowing others to step into their fullest expression of being.
I am focussed and have clear intent for the greatest good.
I know my own values and contribute freely at the highest level.
My favourite playing field is centred in the evolution of the consicouness of humanity.
My endurance and perserverance assist me to spiral up through the challenges of life with grace.
I am forgiving and loving to myself.

With thanks to all those who inspire me to step into my hero.. and assist me along the way when I forget yet again who I really am.

Sahaja Springer - my sister, my mentor, my dearly loved...
Harley Springer - my gorgeous brother in law
Roger, Roy, .... I cannot name you all.. just know you are in my heart...
I have a world of family and friends out there.. I am in gratitude to so many wonderful beings.

I invite you all to remind me of my true nature at any time so that I may step more securely and confidently into my Hero path.


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