Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day

Today is the day to remind ourselves that we can support our planet in her time of need. Because frankly .. its our time of need too - we are of course not removed from our Earth.. and every little bit of awareness that we can grow in relation to assisting with sustainability is needed now.

Simple things help.. no need to get complicated and think that you have no chance of making a difference. We can all make a difference. Today - just for one day - starting now, don't buy or take free any plastic bags, cover your food with another plate, buy food that is sold loose, not packaged in more stuff to throw away.

Walk when you can rather than jumping in the car for that short distance.

Turn off your electrical appliances - don't leave them on standby.. they use lots more power that way. Turn off unneeded lights.

Forget the chemicals and the pesticides - use natural fertilisers on your gardens and lawns.

Turn off your sprinklers to conserve our precious water - now the weather is cooler here in Oz and the grass is wet in the morning from the dew.

Stand up for our trees!

Here is some interesting info about what fish is healthier and more sustainable to eat - our oceans are fast becoming depleted - its up to us to shop responsibly.

And on this day - take some time to sit on the ground, to connect with the Mother Earth, and simply bless her for sustaining us all of this time.

Have a great Day!

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