Friday, April 09, 2010

Comment on modern Government

We subscribe to a newsletter called The Daily Reckoning for another point of view on what is happening in the economical situation of the world.. and this comment in their email this morning I found to be very telling and despite the discomfort of it.. it made me smile!
--modern government has grown so grotesquely fat and ubiquitous that an entire generation of Westerners have been trained to think only the government can and should solve problems. It's like having an Uncle stuck in your living room who's become too fat to move. You have to feed and clean and care for him and after awhile he becomes a living piece of inconvenient and intrusive furniture right smack in the middle of your life.
Sounds like a call to wake up to our own responsibility in governing ourselves as well as in taking care of our health. What we see on the outside as the ills of the world are simply reflected in our own bodies and our own lives. If you are the person who is becoming too fat to move as you were designed by nature to do.. its time to take responsibility.

and of course if you need any help with that.. Best Health is still here.. we are committed to our own good health and to yours.

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