Sunday, February 14, 2010

Facilitation or Healing?

I have been having some very interesting insights about these terms. It seems to me that healing belongs in the world of duality. Let me expand a little on this idea - if I am to heal you that may infer that you are unhealed. That is that you are in a state of need. And I as the healer am in a state of healed, well or healthy - therefore I can heal.
Does this not create duality? where one being is the healer and the other needing the healing?

Facilitation could be considered to be a more evolved frame of reference - in that if we are to facilitate the return to balance - or to the state of coherence - it simply means we point the way - or usher the person toward that state.

Our words and the way we express ourselves create our reality. "I am a healer" - do these words say: - "others (or something) needs to be healed?"

It is a time of discussions about healing the planet. Is this planet this earth of ours really requiring 'healing'?

The original inhabitants of Australia walk the song lines - they sing the land into existence - by their very connectedness they allow the potential of the land to reveal itself. This is facilitation. Not healing.

So therefore in order to facilitate the return to coherence of our earth - we do not need to heal the planet - simply to become coherent - connected ourselves.

It is our responsibility to move to this state. There is nothing else to do but this. It is time to step up into this place - now.


Jim said...

It's all how you look at it I suppose. It's amazing that 10 people can all look at the same thing, yet they see 10 different frames of view. So healing can be healing, or it can be facilitating.. but either way, its just being how you see yourself/others... Some clinically insane people don't realize they are insane. So do they really need to be healed by people that claim to be sane? I'll stop here before I start philophilsizing.

Shazar said...

Interesting.. that you talk about clinically insane people.. in Bruce Lipton's book Spontaneous Evolution he essentially says that most of us are insane.. holding on to old paradigmns that no longer are true.

I liked your comment.. it made me laugh! Thank you.