Thursday, April 24, 2008

Say NO to GMO!

I attended a very interesting talk a couple of nights ago at the Slow Food Organisation here in Perth. This is a very scarey story.. and one that we need to get informed about as the moratorium on genetically modified crops is due to be lifted in WA and if we want to keep ourselves GM Free we all need to get behind this movement.

And why should we may you ask?

Plenty of very good reasons.. and not least is the one that the farmers stand to lose their independence and freedom once they get under the yoke of the Monsanto giant GM seed supplier.

The agreements that need to be signed for a farmer to grow GM produce are extremely rigid including the fact that many of these seeds are so called terminator seeds.. that is they are not fertile - they will not grow from collected seed.

We also need to start acting and getting food labelling to be more stringent - currently it is not law to state whether there is GM products in your food.

Green Peace have produced a small card guide to what foods may be clean and what foods you don't want to eat. You may be saddened to find that you farvourite chocolate brand is not GMO free. Boo hoo .. Lindt was mine.. not anymore!
For some more information on the whole story you can check at the Conservation Council of WA.

There is a petition that can be signed and circulated.. so go for it..

we have the chance to maintain our clean land, and to have the advantage to be able to sell our GM free crops overseas.. to places that are fully contaminated and are looking for good quality produce. This is an advantage we should not give up lightly.

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