Monday, April 07, 2008

Excellent Lives - Giving Back

As I told you in my last post, I have been privileged to become involved with Roger Hamilton and the XL Results Foundation. These guys are doing some wonderful work around the planet with the aim of eliminating world poverty by 2010. Creating wealth in order to give back.

It is an exciting concept and the workshop I did in March was a revelation - at one point one of the participants said "It feels like all the competition has been sucked out of the room!"

I have been reminded of this in a quote from Barry Brailsford's wonderful book The Wisdom of the Four Winds - when he says:
"We need to learn to work together for the greater good. Only by holding hands can we safely cross the dangerous rivers that run through our lives. More is achieved by cooperation than is ever achieved through force. And what is won in that manner is forever complete, for it honours each being. Such are the ways of the one-hearted people."

Roger is coming back to Perth in May - I will let you know soon how to attend his talk for free. Well worth checking out.

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