Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Aspartame Warnings - How Many do we have to have?

Once again Aspartame is in the news.. this time with the results of an Italian study which demonstrated the incidence of increased cancer in rats fed with Aspartame. We here at Best Health have been telling people for years to get off this nasty substance.

The effects can be insidious and people who finally wake up and stop using it can experience relief from many niggling and not so minor symptoms. Try it and see.. just for even a week, stop your diet drinks, your sugar free chewing gum, or mints .. see what happens.
We suggest that symptoms such as irritability, nervousness, possibly headaches, rashes, digestive disturbance and more can "magically" disappear. For a great site with lots of info on the subject you can go to the Aspartame Toxicity info site.

Big business has a big say in whether our watchdogs sit up and take notice. So if the FDA is ignoring this Italian study you may want to ask yourself why? Is it because the study is flawed, or is it because it is in the interest of those with power to ignore it? We suggest there is a lot of ignoring going on.

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