Thursday, November 30, 2006

Energy Healing

Good posts on this site about energy healing.. which goes way beyond that of the normal medical paradigm of "lets look for the smallest particle that has gone wrong and find a drug that will fix it".

Energy healing looks to balance to field of the person being healed. I would like to suggest that CHIOS Energy Field Healing drop the word 'patient" from their vocabulary. "Patient" puts the receiver of the energy healing right back into the framework of one who is being worked on.. one who has no responsibilty in their own healing, but one who is the victim is some sense of the word.

Let us assume responsibility for our own health with the aid of others who may assist us to return to coherence, to balance to wholeness.

Thank you CHIOS for the good word and the good work - but please delete "patient" from your vocabulary. Thank you again.

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