Sunday, June 06, 2010

Grassroots Healing

I had a very interesting conversation wth my friend Erin recently - she lives in Melbourne. Erin is a profoundly spiritual being with a strong affiliation with Christianity and she told me a very interesting saga.

Having just returned from a visit to her homeland, she talked about how the Chinese people were turning to self education and to self healing because the 'western' medical model was out of their range - the 80% of the Chinese population who are the 'lower clases' that is the poor people of the land, could not afford the western medicine.
So their solution is to return to the simple folk remedies, simple cures for all types of disease. Erin said that there are now many small books available for purchase for these people with the remedies of the early times - remedies that still work.

I found this a really interesting concept. If we consider that all over the western world the health system is in deep trouble - struggling to keep up, struggling to cope with the demands placed upon it.

Western medicine tied its own noose - it convinced people that they should consider the doctor to be the God and that they the humble and ignorant human being - had no responsibility for their own health. That in fact they knew nothing about the way to heal the body - mind or spirit for that matter.
The Medical doctor was God of the body, the psychiatrist God of the mind and the priest, God of the spirit.

So we obediently abdicated our responsibility and handed it over to the powers that proclaimed it was theirs.

Our current view of government is a little like that!
"They know how to do it.. let them fight it out between themselves.. it is not my responsibility!"

And now.. now that the system is falling apart.. it is time we take back that responsibilty and begin again to find where our wisdom tells us the way to balance and harmony lies.

The message is clear - taking responsibiliity for how we treat our bodies, how we nuture our minds and our spirit and how we govern ourselves in all of these respects is of utmost importance in this time of chaos and change.

It is no longer the time to permit another to dictate to us and confuse and distort the truth of how to live in a balanced and harmonious way. Move out of fear and back into the freedom of responsibility. There are many who have already paved the way - you only need to ask and those who see the clear way will step forward into your lives and assist you to join them.

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